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An IEP Solution that Works

At IEP Solution, we know that the best way to empower advocates, parents, educators and other IEP professionals is through intensive training and continuing education on the most important topics in special education. IEP Solution provides the proactive strategies you need to become a strong participant at your next IEP team meeting. And all of this instruction is provided in the convenience of your own home, school or office.

Live Online Workshops:

Our Live Online Workshops increase optimal outcomes for children with special needs and reduce stressful and costly parent-school disputes. IEP Solution provides the proactive strategies you need to become a strong participant at your next IEP team meeting.

We offer half-day live workshops on the following topics:

  • Basic principles of special education rights so you can be a confident participant in the IEP process

  • Key differences between Section 504 and the IEP

  • How to start the special education process in order to obtain an IEP for the child

  • Understanding the child’s assessments, child find, and the power of the Independent Educational Evaluation  (IEE)

  • Learn about the Free, Appropriate, Public Education (FAPE) standard, and how it applies to the IEP process

  • Parental participation in the IEP process

  • Important components of the IEP such as present levels, goals, services and placement

  • Placement in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for children with special needs

  • Remedies available under special education laws

  • How to avoid IEP pitfalls that lead to stressful and costly special education disputes

Introductory Cost- $119  (early registration $99)

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take your Live Workshop if I am a parent of a newly identified special needs child?

Yes. Your child’s education is of utmost importance, so it’s imperative that you learn about the IEP process that will guide and control your child’s education. This is true whether you are new to the IEP process, or a veteran participant who simply wants to learn more about how to become a better advocate for their child.

Do you have any shorter Live Workshops?

Yes. If you desire a Live Workshop on a specific topic that is shorter than our standard three-hour Live Workshop, send us a note and we will accommodate the request and provide pricing. We aim to meet your unique needs!

How often will you have your Live Online Workshops
If I can't be at a Live Online Workshop, will you be able to provide me a recording?

Yes; recordings of the Live Online Workshops will be made available for purchase. Simply send us an email request.