About Us


Mission Statement

To provide in-depth training to parents, advocates, special education staff and administrators so they can confidently participate in the IEP process, avoid the pitfalls that commonly lead to stressful and costly special education disputes, and produce optimal outcomes for children with special needs.


IEP Solution seeks to educate and empower IEP team members so they can work together effectively and harmoniously and create a successful IEP for every child.

Mr. Nelson’s Story

As a mediator for special education disputes, Thomas Nelson sees the common pitfalls that lead to special education litigation.  Often times, minor legal missteps lead to significant violations later on, so it’s imperative to start the IEP process in compliance with all of its rules and regulations.

Thomas also has decades of experience representing hundreds of students in all facets of special education matters, so he knows the critical elements for constructing a productive IEP that meets all of the child’s needs.

Thomas has presented live special education workshops for parents, educators, advocates and community groups such as Chadd, Autism Society, TACA, Learning Disabilities Association, Epilepsy Foundation, Spina Bifida Foundation, Down Syndrome Society, and the Dyslexia Association.  Thomas Nelson is also a two-time recipient of the Wiley Manuel award for cost free representation of foster children with special needs.

IEP Solution’s Story

At IEP Solution, we equip IEP team members with the tools they need so they can become more confident and effective participants in the IEP process. Through intensive training, not only will the IEP team be better equipped to construct a
meaningful and effective program for children with special needs, but the IEP team participants will learn how to avoid the pitfalls that often lead to costly and stressful disputes. Whether it’s through our live workshops, bootcamps, or the blog and free videos, IEP Solution will simplify and accelerate your learning!