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At IEP Solution, we know the best way to empower parents, advocates, special education staff and administrators is through training in the most important topics in special education.  All of this instruction and guidance is provided in the convenience of your home, school or office.

Our Live Online Workshops, Bootcamps, videos and blogs increase optimal outcomes for children with special needs and reduce the likelihood of stressful and costly parent-school disputes. IEP Solution provides the proactive strategies you need to become a strong participant at your next IEP team meeting.

Train With Confidence

Navigating the laws and regulations surrounding the IEP process can be a daunting and time consuming task. At IEP Solution, we simplify the law into plain language.  IEP Solution provides in-depth training to parents, advocates, special education staff and administrators to empower them with the information they need to create a meaningful IEP for every child, while avoiding the pitfalls that interrupt a child’s education and lead to costly and stressful special education disputes.

Train with an Expert

Successful special education training requires an expert.  As a mediator of special education disputes, Thomas Nelson is acutely aware of the common pitfalls that lead to special education disputes.  As a former special education attorney with decades of legal experience, Thomas knows the critical elements for constructing a productive and meaningful IEP that meets all of the child’s needs. 

Through IEP Solution, Thomas brings his vast knowledge to you in a simple and clear manner so you can confidently and effectively participate in the IEP process, avoid the pitfalls that commonly lead to costly special education litigation, and produce optimal outcomes for children with special needs. Thomas brings his expertise to you at your location and on your schedule.

What Our Participants Say About Us

Thomas Nelson is one of the most passionate people I know for helping parents and professionals become stronger advocates for the children they serve. He has expertise in the field of special education rights, as well as “real life” experiences in the field.  He always takes time to answer audience questions with care and consideration.  
He is such a favorite within our parent organization, we ask him to speak for us every year as his schedule permits. Our parents always leave with so much information.  After one hour with Thomas, everyone in the audience leaves with a greater sense of empowerment in the IEP process.  He is a wonderful resource to our community and wealth of information.

Kristie Rudolph

Co-Host, CHADD San Diego

As Co-Facilitator of San Diego North County CHADD, I have had the pleasure of observing Thomas’ presentations at our CHADD meetings throughout the years. Each year, Thomas volunteers his time and expertise to speak to the parents and professionals who attend our meetings. Thomas cares deeply about our community. He listens carefully to the concerns voiced by parents and professionals, taking time to thoughtfully answer each question that is asked. Thomas is extremely knowledgeable about Special Education Law, and he is passionate about helping families obtain the educational services their children need, equipping them to be successful in school. He advocates for his clients, bridging a gap between parents and schools that can feel daunting and intimidating. It is an honor to know Thomas.

Lisa Rundlett

Co-Facilitator, San Diego North County CHADD

As the founder of the Disability Advocates Workshop, I feel extremely privileged to have had Thomas Nelson participate on the panel as a knowledgeable, community partner and advocate since 2015. Thomas’ contribution has been stellar when it comes to providing guidance and support to families on how to navigate the world of special education, with all its challenges, and educate parents on how to be effective advocates for their children. Mr. Nelson continues to be a reliable resource for our parents, and I am so appreciative to have partnered for the past five years with one of San Diego’s finest special education attorneys.

Denise DeGree

ECE/Disabilities Program Asst., SDUSD-NHA Head Start Collaboration

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